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Propulsion System

Main engine

The engine used in the demonstrator vessel is a Mirrlees Blackstone ETS8 – 90 litres, producing 660 hp at just 750 rpm.

Regrettably these engines re no longer available, so the choice of engine will be made depending upon availability and personal preference at the time of order – but it is important to use a comparable engine. Medium speed, large displacement, mechanical engines will run forever and a day without missing a beat and we would strongly recommend this style of engine.

Modern lightweight fast revving electronic engines are fantastic pieces of engineering but they are not appropriate for use in a vessel which may end up in the remotest corners of the world. Any engine which needs specialist knowledge, and probably a technician with a computer, to fix it should be avoided.

Medium speed mechanical engines are still available from a variety of manufacturers. Their size and cost are a drawback but this is far outweighed by their reliability.